An Invitation to Serve and Share your Faith

Since 1997, parish groups, individuals and families have come to the Parish of Santisimo Sacramento (Most Blessed Sacrament) in Piura, Peru to share in the daily work for the poor and also to experience the heroic faith of the people here.  Everyday there is something valuable to do for someone who has very basic needs. 63% of Piuranos live in poverty and 22% percent live in extreme poverty (lacking their daily bread). Our large parish staff is skilled in carpentry, social work, brick laying, etc. and aided by pastoral workers throughout the parish, we can enable missionaries to do the work year round and really contribute to the well being of the most needy.

We ask for at least one week commitment.  This will allow you help in many different ways.  Most groups come for one or two weeks. Individuals may come for months.   Most Parish groups visit June through August with some in March and April over Spring Break.  We also have a few groups that come in December for Christmas.  Most of the parish staff and myself are either away or on vacation from mid August to mid September. 

Air travel is recommended from Lima.  LAN Airlines, TACA and PERUVIAN Airlines,  travels directly to Piura twice a day.  We will arrive at the airport to greet you!  All ground transportation during your visit will be with parish staff in the parish vehicles.

There is a dorm inside the church for missionaries.  There are plenty of beds and rooms for groups large or small.  There are a couple apartments within the dorms for families or individuals staying for an extended time.

The food in Piura is very good and inexpensive.  A broiled chicken dinner with fries, salad and soda for 4 people is less than $10.00USD.  If there is a large missionary group, we have a cook that works when missionaries are here to feed them three times a day in our missionary mess hall inside the dorm.

Parish groups normally bring money raised for building homes, chapels, etc., but that is not necessary for visiting families and individuals. 

The spirit of the mission groups is to share in the work and pray with the people.  Those who stay at the parish do not do a lot of traveling around on their own away from the city, but staff members make excellent guides for exploring the city and neighborhoods of Piura.  If requested, we may make a day trip to the Pacific Ocean, one hour away.

Please consult your doctor for recommended immunizations.  Recommendations may depend on additional South American travel in different climates.  We do our best to take care of the missionaries that are here.  None of our missionaries have acquired any serious illnesses while here.  Diarrhea is not common, it occurs in some and not in others. 

Things to do:

Pray: daily prayer groups in the chapels and daily Eucharist with the people, Weddings, Baptisms, Eucharistic Adoration

Build: a home, a chapel, a school room

Deliver: food packages, beds & blankets, clothing 

Gather: children for activities and crafts, families for a picnic 

Heal: work with the parish health team, a medical or eye mission, speech therapy, wellness education 

Visit: the elderly, the orphanage, your adopted family, the sick, families still unknown, a village at night, sleep in a bamboo home

Play: Fiestas, traditional dances, Soccer, Volleyball

Teach: English to the parish English group or at the local school, other useful skills

Help: the parish lawyer, at the drug rehab program,

Invite: youth to the movies, a group to the ocean

Serve: at the breakfast kitchens, through projects yet to be discovered  


Testimonies from Missionaries

Many missionaries come to Piura to help.  We find that they will come one year and bring three more friends the next time.  It's a beautiful way to serve.  Please click their names below to read about their experiences.

Fr. Rhone Lillard (St. Francis Xavier)

Bill y Michaels (January 2012)

Ellen (July 2011)

Doyle (August)

Alan & Jack (August)

Ellen (Julio 2011)

Rick (Julio 2011)

Fr. Damien (April 2011)

Kyle (April 2011)

Aimee (Marzo 2011)

Andrew (March 2011)

Iain & Terry (Marzo 2011)

Dr. Chris (February 2011)

Fr. Tony (January 2011)

Fr. Tom (January 2011)

Rick & Margaret (November 2010)

Stephanie (October 2010)

Becky (October 2010)

Randy (October 2010)

Anita (September 2010)

Taylor (September 2010)

Jack (August 2010)

Fr. Kumar (July 2010)

Fr. Patrick (July 2010)

Jim & Dori (July 2010)

Jeff (June 2010)

Jim H. (June 2010)

Fr. Long (June 2010)

Jim (June 2010)

Jesse (June 2010)

Daniel (May 2010)

Tobi (July 2009)

Deacon Lee (February 2008)

Mike and Rosie

Jeanne (June 04 2004)

Bob and Gail (June 25 2004)

Fr. Joe (July 10 2004)

Melissa Minnis (July 19 2004)

Peter (August 02 2004)

Ann (August 04 2004)

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