Family to Family Program

There are almost 1400 Peruvian families receiving monthly support from their "Padrinos" (or Sponsor Family). Each month the Padrinos donate $30 to give their Peruvian families the food they need. A relationship of faith, hope, and prayer is established and occasional letters and photos are interchanged. The monthly food package goes a long way to helping the family out but by no means undermines the need to work and make ends meet. It may last as long as two weeks depending upon the resourcefulness of the one cooking. But this charity provides more than bodily nourishment, it provides hope and affirmation that they are indeed loved and worthy of being cared for.  

The most needy families are sought out and it is understood that the relationship is mutual, that we need one another in this journey of life, that our prayers for one another really do make a difference.  Most of the Peruvian Families voluntarily gather at their neighborhood chapel once a week to pray for their Padrinos.  This is especially significant since Scripture proclaims, "The Lord hears the cry of the poor, Blessed be the Lord."  psalm 34

Some Padrinos eventually discover a particular need the Peruvian Family might have and offer help beyond the monthly food package but it is not expected. 

There are currently almost 1400 Peruvian Families participating in the Family to Family Program and there are thousands more who would benefit greatly from this opportunity.  If you are interested in participating in the program send your name, address, email address and $30.00 (or $360.00 for the entire year) to the St. Joseph Peruvian Mission Fund stating you would like to be part of the Family to Family Program.  We ask that your first commitment is for one year ($360) though we hope you continue your support and relationship for more than one year.  The St. Joseph Peruvian Mission Fund is a 501(c) and your donation is tax deductible.

St. Joseph Peruvian Mission Fund
P.O. Box 6693
Edmond, OK 73083


Faithful from Christ the King Parish, OK; St. John the Baptist Parish, OK; St. Anthony's Parish, WI; and St. Patrick's Parish, IL, should contact their Parish Mission Board